Seth Carmody

Seth Carmody

VP of Regulatory Strategy

Seth Carmody is the vice president of regulatory strategy at MedCrypt. Prior to MedCrypt, Carmody worked as the cybersecurity program manager at FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Carmody brings more than eight years of experience in guiding technology policy.


Seth Carmody

Seth Carmody is the Vice President of Regulatory Strategy at MedCrypt. Drawing on his ten years of medical device experience, Seth provides strategic direction for cybersecurity products and services for the regulated medical device market.

Prior to MedCrypt, Seth spent 8 years at FDA, architecting technology policy and laws that impact software-enabled medical devices; namely, the FDA’s medical device cybersecurity policies. Seth’s industry leadership and strategic direction extends to several high-profile industry frameworks including the Joint Security Plan (HSCC), MITRE’s Rubric for Applying CVSS to Medical Devices, and MDIC’s Playbook for Threat Modeling Medical Devices. Seth has authored several papers including Building Resilient Medical Technology Supply Chains with a Software Bill of Materials and Why Healthcare Cybersecurity is Hard: Understanding the Constraints of Healthcare Cybersecurity. Seth has also won industry awards including the (ISC)2 Information Security Leadership Award, the Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security’s Leadership in Cybersecurity award, and the FDA Commissioner’s Special Citation.

In addition to manifesting more resilient healthcare infrastructure, Seth is currently interested in quantifying ROI for cybersecurity investments and advocating for a new regulatory model for medical devices. He aims to deliver the promise of emerging technology to transform healthcare while balancing public safety.

Seth received his PhD from Indiana University where he studied the chemical synthesis of peptidoglycan probes in the pursuit of novel antibacterial drugs.

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