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Medcrypt lives and breathes healthcare cybersecurity

We help healthcare technology companies build safe and effective solutions to ensure patient safety.

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Our vision and mission

Medcrypt is the first company to combine cybersecurity technology products with management consulting, decision science, and regulatory strategy. We are a team of medical device experts who are laser-focused on supporting MDMs and bringing cybersecurity to the next generation of healthcare technology.

Medcrypt helps healthcare technology companies ensure medical devices are secure by design. We provide cybersecurity products and strategic consulting to expedite the go-to-market process of medical device manufacturers' new life-saving connected technologies.

Our story?

Medcrypt’s aim, from inception, has been to solve new and growing cybersecurity concerns that plague the medical device manufacturing sector. We aim to enable medical device manufacturers to bring innovative clinical technology to market that is secure by design


FDA issued pre-market cybersecurity recommendations, focusing on identify, protect, detect, respond and recover principles.


Medcrypt founded

We started Medcrypt in 2016 to ensure that the medical devices we and our loved ones rely on were as safe and secure as technologically possible.


FDA issued the NIST-centric post-market guidance, with particular emphasis on addressing vulnerabilities that may result in patient harm.


Given the rapidly evolving landscape, FDA issued an updated draft guidance with recommendations for device design, labeling and documentation.


Series A

As a Y Combinator graduate (Winter ‘19), we raised a Series A led by Section 32, with participation from Eniac Ventures and Y Combinator.


FDA updates premarket cybersecurity guidance

The eSTAR (electronic submission template and resource) program will enforce the refuse to accept policy, positioning product cybersecurity as a business imperative.


Series B

This round included participation from Intuitive Ventures,Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and Dexcom Ventures, bringing funding to date to $36.4M


FDA updates premarket cybersecurity guidance

The eSTAR (electronic submission template and resource) program will enforce the refuse to accept policy, positioning product cybersecurity as a business imperative.

Our investors

Johmsons and johnsons
Intuitive ventures
Y combinator
Section 32
Eniac ventures

Our management team

Medcrypt is obsessed with medical device cybersecurity, and that's reflected by the team we have put together.

Mike Kijewski

Mike Kijewski

Eric Pancoast

Eric Pancoast

Vidya Murthy

Vidya Murthy

Axel Wirth

Axel Wirth

Seth Carmody

Seth Carmody

VP, Regulatory Strategy
Naomi Schwartz

Naomi Schwartz

Sr. Director of Cybersecurity Quality and Safety
William Fenstermaker

William Fenstermaker

VP of DevOps
Om Mahida

Om Mahida

VP of Product
Clayton McNeil

Clayton McNeil

VP of Engineering

Our values

New technology comes with both risks and rewards. Our team is motivated by our purpose to improve health, and our mission of impact at scale. As a high-performing team with big ambitions, we expect a lot of ourselves and of our customers. When working with our internal teammates and external partners, we commit to:

Respect everyone

The best innovations come from diverse teams. Medcrypters have a wide range of perspectives and experiences and we deeply respect the knowledge, skills, ideas, and capabilities each employee brings.

Earn trust

We earn the trust of our partners by providing realistic, practical, and evidence-based cybersecurity solutions and counsel. There is not always an easy answer and we value honesty above all else.

Be partners

We strive to offer a “customer-first” approach. Our success is contingent upon partnership with medical device manufacturers to bring new healthcare technology to market.

Be practical

We provide evidence-based risk assessments and practical recommendations tailored to the development stage of our partners’ devices, thus ensuring progress towards our shared goal — bringing innovative medical devices to market at scale.

Take a healthcare-first approach

Our cybersecurity experts are deeply ingrained in the healthcare industry because regulatory constraints require a healthcare-first approach, meaning clinical functionality, patient safety, and care delivery are always the highest priority.

Be confident and humble

We know medical device security is a challenging problem. We are working hard to take on big challenges, but know that solving this problem is an incremental process. The steps we are taking will create the future of medical devices.

Our culture

Here at Medcrypt, we’re firmly committed to hiring, supporting, and growing new Medcrypters from all backgrounds to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace for everyone, and it shows in how we have grown our team and nurtured our culture.

We know that a more diverse and inclusive workforce facilitates better decision-making and increased innovation, leading to improved employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. In addition to the awesome culture we’ve created at Medcrypt, we’re in the process of formulating our next step towards strengthening our commitment to DEIB(Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging). If you’re excited about what Medcrypt offers, want to help build the future of medical device cybersecurity, and would love to get involved in DEIB, let us know!

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How we contribute

Medcrypt is not only building solutions and services that meet the needs of medical device manufacturers today, we’re supporting the research initiatives our esteemed colleagues in academia are working on in the medical device space.

Kansas State University partnership

We’ve partnered with Kansas State University to finance development of a customizable and scalable platform that integrates qualitative and quantitative metrics to provide actionable and prioritized recommendations to address current and future technological, regulatory, and business risks.

These findings will be disseminated to provide a foundation that others can build on, and Medcrypt will integrate this research into our cybersecurity solutions, helping medical device manufacturers reduce cybersecurity risks and meet regulatory requirements, ensuring that they’re focusing on fixing the most exploitable cybersecurity issues that have the biggest impact on patient and operator safety, which leads to increased trust between healthcare providers, patients, and the technology we all rely on.

Tufts University partnership

We’ve also financed a fellowship with Tufts University to focus on medical device security and threat modeling. Although threat modeling is an essential component of the Secure Product Development Framework (SPDF) and processes and has been shown by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) to result in more secure devices, 49% of device makers do not follow guidance to mitigate or reduce security risks.

This research will focus on identifying common gaps in device threat models and support the development of new guidance and tools to help medical device manufacturers ensure that their devices are secure, working towards the goal of reliable, repeatable, and effective threat modeling.

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Our partners

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As proactive healthcare cybersecurity continues to grow in importance, buyers, patients and media are taking note of Medcrypt’s innovations and impact.

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