MedCrypt brings security features to medical devices, from pacemakers to surgical robots, in a few lines of code. The exponential growth of connected devices in healthcare combined with the FDA mandate to “bake in” security into devices means the best solution is one that secures devices, not the hospital network.

                                    var Guardian = require('guardian').Guardian

var system_id = "unique-system-id"; // Optionally NULL unique system identifier used to automatically associate this component during provisioning
var component = "component-name";   // Component name within the system.  Used to load the relevant configuration data for this application.
var config = "/path/to/config/";    // Path to the configuration files for this Guardian
var start_servers = True;              // Automatically start server services and bind to service ports
var auto_ecdh = True;                  // Automatically connect to servers and negotiate ephemeral keys for the application-layer

var guardian = new Guardian(system, component, config, start_servers, auto_ecdh);


A medical device may look like just another IoT device, but its regulatory and usage requirements require a healthcare-first approach to cybersecurity. MedCrypt is built specifically for medical devices, which means clinical functionality is always the highest priority.

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    New FDA guidance requires device developers to implement data encryption, signature verifiction, and behavior monitoring in medical devices. Devices need a robust Cybersecurity Bill of Materials (CBOM), cataloging all software and hardware incorporated in a device.

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    MedCrypt allows your product to exceed the expectations of security-focused customers. Many vendors have begun to make the cybersecurity features of their product a competitive differentiator. Meeting a hospital's cybersecurity requirements can also be an important part of your company's sales process.

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    MedCrypt enables engineers to implement these security features properly as quickly as possible, allowing them to get back to designing life-changing clinical features. Spend more time building new devices, and less time worrying about securing them.

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