Ensure data integrity and privacy

The Guardian platform guarantees medical devices communicate securely.

How do we make medical devices secure by design?

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Integrate a scalable security platform

The Guardian platform is a secure and scalable cryptographic solution that enables you to build devices that are secure by design. It provides a scalable solution for data integrity, digitally signing data, establishing customized root of trusts, and managing certificates.

Ensure patient safety

Guardian is specifically built to meet the needs of medical devices. These devices often have limited or no connectivity, limited storage and memory, and need to interact with complex systems to ensure patient and operator safety.

Streamline cryptography implementations

Integrate cryptography into your devices while automating device provisioning and key/certificate management processes. By using the Guardian platform, it simplifies security processes post-market management and incident response.

Secure data in transit

Guardian provides flexible options to meet your security requirements. You can embed source code into your device or install an agent on your device, with minimal impact to your R&D process.

Key benefits of Guardian

Healthcare-specific solutions

Our software is designed with healthcare’s unique needs in mind such as working on devices with limited or no connectivity, complex manufacturing environments, and many more.

Wide platform support

Works on commonly found medical device technologies from low-resource embedded devices such as CGMs up to more powerful systems such as surgical robots.

Customizable implementation

Choose the encryption algorithms, certificates, and security controls most appropriate for your use case and design constraints.

Ready for your QMS

We follow medical device quality systems, and provide our internal testing documentation to support your QMS and regulatory filing.


Decrypting crypto

Cryptography is a powerful methodology that can be used to realize many important security functions. However, crypto design requires careful consideration and experience to ensure that the chosen implementation is technically sound, delivers the desired level of security, is future-proof, and meets the goals of the business.

This whitepaper will highlight:

Cryptographic foundation and infrastructure
Cryptography considerations in device design
Cryptography for resource-constrained devices

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