Helm - SBOM and vulnerability management

Discover how three of the top five medical device manufacturers manage vulnerabilities for their products over their lifecycle.

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Find software vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered

Helm queries public vulnerability databases such as the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) hourly, looking for vulnerabilities related to software dependencies used in your SBOMs. Use Helm to track which vulnerabilities affect your SBOM, centralize how you plan on mitigating/fixing, and share whether it has been fixed.

Track Down Affected Devices

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Utilize search filters to narrow down which of your products are impacted by specific vulnerabilities.

Manufacturers are all in on Helm

Startups and some of the top 5 device manufacturers in the world use Helm as part of their vulnerability management program.

Need help with SBOM readiness?

Medcrypt offers consulting services to establish a baseline of SBOM readiness for your organization.

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Helm Key Features

Built with device manufacturers in mind.

Industry Standard SBOM Format

Use Helm to upload and manage industry standard SBOM formats such as CycloneDX from various tools.

National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

Helm pulls vulnerability data from the National Vulnerability Database, among other sources.

Easy Name Matching

Accurately match your software components without need to know their exact CPE.

Get Insights in Seconds

Find out which devices are impacted by a particular vulnerability in seconds.

The MedCrypt Platform

Secure Data & Commands

Call MedCrypt’s APIs within your device’s software for common security functions and cryptographically signing all instructions sent to your device with unique key pairs.

Monitor Behavior

MedCrypt-enabled devices can send event data (not PHI) to our monitoring service, allowing us to detect when a device is under attack.

Monitor SBOMs for Vulnerabilities

MedCrypt knows which software libraries have been included in your device, and can monitor these libraries for known cybersecurity vulnerabilities long after it has been released.