Ghost - Implement cryptography securely and quickly

Medcrypt Ghost uses modern cryptography to secure data in transit without having to change any source code on your device.

Cryptography engineering is hard

Failure to properly encrypt data is one of the leading causes of medical device cybersecurity vulnerability disclosures and recalls. Ghost encrypts data in transit, preventing data exposure and security redundancy to unknown, unpredictable and uncontrollable network security measures and only requires installation on devices.

Key Management, simplified

Ghost can use keys signed by our key management system, or keys signed by another PKI tool. Devices and their keys are tracked within Overwatch, simplifying Postmarket management and incident response. We've built this system with the unique needs of medical devices in mind (like intermittent connectivity, and the need to maintain clinical functionality at all costs).

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Ghost Key Features

Designed to be quickly deployed to devices already in the field

Platform Support

Designed to support Windows 7 and later, as well as mainstream Linux and QNX distributions.

Easy Installation

Configurable installer supports your use case and design constraints, using Medcrypt’s PKI infrastructure to automate key & lifecycle processes.


Integration with our Canary, and Helm solutions makes it easy to manage devices in the field.


We follow medical device quality systems and provide our internal testing documentation to support your documentation needs and regulatory filing.

The MedCrypt Platform

Secure Data & Commands

Call MedCrypt’s APIs within your device’s software for common security functions and cryptographically signing all instructions sent to your device with unique key pairs.

Monitor Behavior

MedCrypt-enabled devices can send event data (not PHI) to our monitoring service, allowing us to detect when a device is under attack.

Monitor SBOMs for Vulnerabilities

MedCrypt knows which software libraries have been included in your device, and can monitor these libraries for known cybersecurity vulnerabilities long after it has been released.