Build secure devices, quickly,
in a few lines of code

Medical device manufacturers need to build devices with innovative clinical features, that are secure, and get them to market quickly. The MedCrypt platform makes it easy to make your devices secure by design, while meeting your budget and timeline requirements.


SBOM & Vulnerability Management

Monitor your SBOM for known vulnerabilities and identify affected devices in the field.

What’s included:
  • Common SBOM Formats
  • Over 250,000 vulnerabilities
  • Continous monitoring
  • Custom reports
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Monitor Devices in the Field

Monitor the behavior of your devices in the field and detect security events.

What’s included:
  • Agents for Windows and Linux
  • Custom Events
  • API for forwarding data
  • Limited connectivity environments
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Agent: Ghost API: Guardian

Secure data in transit without having to change any source code on your device or integrate a library.

What’s included:
  • Supports open source cryptography libraries
  • Wide platform support
  • Key and certificate lifecycle management
  • Complex manufacturing
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Need custom support for your device?

We have worked with medical devices of all types, please reach out to us for additional information.