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Introducing Helm, the improved SBOM and vulnerability management tool

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Build secure medical devices, quickly. Three of the top five device manufacturers use our products.

Medical device manufacturers need to build devices with innovative clinical features, that are secure, and get them to market quickly. The MedCrypt platform makes it easy to make your devices secure by design, while meeting your budget and timeline requirements.

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Regulatory Alignment

We align with FDA cybersecurity requirements

Make sure you have the latest guidance from the FDA

Requirement: Use Encryption

Encrypt data in transit, preventing exposure of your data, and creating redundancy against unknown network security controls. Ghost, MedCrypt's secure overlay agent, can enable encryption on existing devices that are already deployed in the field.

Requirement: Use Digital Signatures

Guardian, MedCrypt’s embedded library, makes certain cryptography functions, like signature verification and data encryption, available via an easy to use API/ABI. This allows a user to sign code, data, instructions, configurations, etc. and verify these data structures before they are loaded into an active device, as well as ensure the privacy of sensitive data.

Requirement: Proactively Detect Instrusion

This is the single biggest advantage to using MedCrypt. MedCrypt-enabled devices send behavior metadata to Canary, an event monitoring system (that can be located in the cloud or on-prem), and these events are monitored for suspicious behavior. The behavior baselines are built for healthcare-specific data, that would be difficult or impossible for your organization to capture internally.

Requirement: Publish and Monitor an SBOM

Helm, a vulnerability management tool, can import SBOMs and monitor them for vulnerabilities. Users can analyze which devices are impacted by a specific vulnerability or identify which devices use a software component to get ahead of the next WannaCry or Log4Shell vulnerability.

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Simple, yet powerful

Our products are designed for medical devices.

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Monitor the behavior of your devices in the field and detect possible security events.

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Guardian or Ghost

Secure data in transit with the option of not having to change any source code on your device.

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Monitor your SBOM for known vulnerabilities, and identify affected devices in the field


Helping our customers succeed

From startups to top device manufacturers, we work with companies of all sizes to help secure their products.

“In the course of filing for a 510(k) clearance we needed to establish a threat model that meets regulators' expectations. MedCrypt not only helped us with their deep expertise but even more with the excellent understanding of our company specific needs. If you are looking for a tailor-made solutions, provided by people who really care, MedCrypt are the folks to turn to!”

Mathias Ottitsch

“As a startup medical device company with a new product under development, including a cloud-based component, we needed to improve cybersecurity in order to protect our business and get IVDR CE-mark and FDA 510(k) clearance. MedCrypt helped us develop our threat model, which guided us to a more secure design and improvements to our solution architecture. MedCrypt has also been deeply involved in creating our cybersecurity risks and meet future regulatory expectations. We are extremely satisfied with the support we received from MedCrypt and recommend MedCrypt if you are looking for a partner to help with your medical device cybersecurity program and design.”

Michael Agerkvist Petersen
Product Owner, Qlife

“MedCrypt’s support increased our confidence in our cryptography architecture, helped us better document its strengths, and provided feedback on gaps in other areas. From our work with MedCrypt, we expect a faster and smoother regulatory review, as well as faster development of our roadmap.”

Michael Kelly
Software Engineering Manager,
FIRE1 Foundry
Articles & News

Our articles on the latest in Healthcare cybersecurity

As proactive healthcare cybersecurity continues to grow in importance, buyers, patients and media are taking note of MedCrypt’s innovations and impact.

We live and breathe healthcare cybersecurity

A medical device may look like just another IoT device, but regulatory constraints and their unique use case require a healthcare-first approach to cybersecurity. MedCrypt's solutions are built specifically for medical devices, which means clinical functionality, patient safety, and care delivery are always the highest priority.